Studo 360 with Kurt Andersen: Life On Mars
25 May, 2010, 5:26 pm
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Check out my radio segment for Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen about my experience at the MDRS Martian analog station in Utah. It aired in March of 2010 as part of the PRI Science and Creativity segment of Design for the Real World.  Life On Mars.


NASA finds Water on The Moon. Still no cheese though.
13 November, 2009, 10:56 pm
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Moonwater3_Header“I’m here today to tell you that indeed, yes, we found water. And we didn’t find just a little bit; we found a significant amount”  –  Anthony Colaprete, NASA project scientist.

On October 9th, NASA decided to pull off a feat worthy of a James Bond villain and fired missiles into the face of the moon. (In Japan they would have called it rabbit season.)  They weren’t demanding ransom (this time), but today scientists found out that we did in fact make him him cry.

NASA’s experiment was to analyze the exploded moon debris to look for any evidence of water traces buried beneath the lunar surface. Well, they found it. A lot of it apparently: LCROSS Impact Data Indicates Water on Moon. CNN reports: NASA finds ‘significant’ water on moon.

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recession-proof your [heterosexual] relationship
13 March, 2009, 5:18 pm
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Maybe the whole prop-8 thing is still a little raw for this Californian, but man what a kick in the non-gender-specific gonads of marriage-aspiring same sex couples. Maybe this should be I just saw a news segment on channel 4 news about Twoofus.org, a government sponsored website touting the virtues of marriage in a troubled economy.


Talk about a design flaw, the feds want coerce hesitant straight couples into state approved commitment while still opposing the many willing gay couples across the nation. Even Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger realized this cognitive dissonance, not to mention shortsighted economic thinking, by breaking with his party in support of same-sex marriage (recession poof?).

Meanwhile the website asks some telling questions about relationships:


prop-8 maybe? … oh wait they mean the commitment-phobic straight men… silly me.

a poster Shameonyou summed it up well enough on the site’s message boards:

shameonyouHistory abhors a paradox.

the **** must flow
10 March, 2009, 2:59 pm
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According to Allen Hershkowitz, we need to rethink they way we use water. Like Dune’s Paul Atreides we need to adapt a more Fremen mode of water consumption. We’re not living in the wastelands of Arrakis yet, but it seems we can’t keep living like we’re in the watery paradise of Caladan either.

7273_16050735324 bathroom-products-uridan-waterless-urinals-from-watersave-australia-184165

Are waterless urinals the answer? As global warming (if you believe in such things) causes sea levels to rise and increases the scarcity of potable water, do we really need to **** into it?

Even though the idea seems strange at first, it’s nowhere near as far-fetched, or as potentially gross, as the three seashells. The change to urinal design and experience is pretty cosmetic. Really it’s in that so-simple-how-did-we-not-do-it-before category. Clean water really serves very little purpose in our urinary disposal process. Hershkowitz points out that even from a sanitation standpoint, the persistent moisture from the standing water actually encourages the growth of bacteria.


The idea isn’t just for deep desert religious fanatics that high on sand worm sperm either. In a prescient step down the golden path, the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles went waterless with their 176 urinals and now the men are saving $2,350 per month, and just over 7,000,000 gallons a year every time they “go.” This is what design is all about. Ladies?