klaatu barada nikto: Evil Dead Packaging Review
23 March, 2009, 1:59 pm
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The original Necronomicon Ex Mortis, roughly translated the Book of The Dead, of the Evil Dead Series was bound in human flesh and inked in human blood. Inside this book are passages and incantations for evil, death…and demon resurrection. For this special edition dvd it is bound most likely in a playable polyurethane cover and inked in pantone 505. Upon its 80lb stock pages are written chapter selections and “Kandarian” runic script.


The Groovy:

The packaging is fun and engages 3(but really 4) senses. It looks very much like the cursed book of the films, and its squishy and textured molding lends it an uncanny feel that gives you the impression of dabbling in the forbidden. If you press down on the eyeball of the cover a digitized shriek emits from the DVD casing. It’s an immersive and fun experience that sets the mood for the movie.

The Evil:

The fourth sense, smell, is not pleasant. You don’t expect an unholy grimoire to smell like flowers, but  neither should it smell like industrial plastic. It also doesn’t shelve well with other DVDs catching and dragging against other surfaces which will eventually erode the paint.

The End:

The Evil Dead I and II special editions are a fun dvd set for fans, but will probably be more annoyance than they’re worth to the more casual owner. It’s a nice design piece with an interesting use of materials and visuals. There are no titles on the case but anyone familiar with the series would have no trouble identifying it .


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The cover would also be appropriate on the cover of my No Google class notebook.

Comment by wmyers

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