the **** must flow
10 March, 2009, 2:59 pm
Filed under: Culture, Design, Politics, Products

According to Allen Hershkowitz, we need to rethink they way we use water. Like Dune’s Paul Atreides we need to adapt a more Fremen mode of water consumption. We’re not living in the wastelands of Arrakis yet, but it seems we can’t keep living like we’re in the watery paradise of Caladan either.

7273_16050735324 bathroom-products-uridan-waterless-urinals-from-watersave-australia-184165

Are waterless urinals the answer? As global warming (if you believe in such things) causes sea levels to rise and increases the scarcity of potable water, do we really need to **** into it?

Even though the idea seems strange at first, it’s nowhere near as far-fetched, or as potentially gross, as the three seashells. The change to urinal design and experience is pretty cosmetic. Really it’s in that so-simple-how-did-we-not-do-it-before category. Clean water really serves very little purpose in our urinary disposal process. Hershkowitz points out that even from a sanitation standpoint, the persistent moisture from the standing water actually encourages the growth of bacteria.


The idea isn’t just for deep desert religious fanatics that high on sand worm sperm either. In a prescient step down the golden path, the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles went waterless with their 176 urinals and now the men are saving $2,350 per month, and just over 7,000,000 gallons a year every time they “go.” This is what design is all about. Ladies?


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