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5 March, 2009, 3:18 am
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Watchmen makes its very long awaited movie premiere this week and to hell if it’s good or bad, it’s going to pull in a lot of new fans. Now, forgiving the kids who are too young to have read the graphic novel, at what point is it too late for a new reader to embrace the original material before mainstream popularity makes it a bit bandwagonish to do so?

I remember the feeling pretty intensely when Peter Jackson’s LoTRs movies trumpeted in and suddenly all the girls were crazy over “Aragon.”  I had rRead the novels years before, so I felt  had the right to look down on the posers. But did I, that was after Ralph Bakshi, not to mention the Rankin/Bass films, after all. I’d still read the Silmarillion (which I hold as the marker of the true Tolkien fan) before any sort of movie adaptation,  but if I need to reed all of the Book of Lost Tales before I can be inducted into the inner circle, Mandos save me! My life is a lie.

What about ongoing series. Do I need to get in before the finale, or is there a terminal point before that? I didn’t start watching Battlestar Galactica until the third season, and I never watched the original series, but ‘m a self proclaimed Cylon. Chris Columbus introduced me to Harry Potter, but after, I was in the midnight lines for each new book. I only discover Firefly after it was cancelled, but I watched the whole series before the movie.

Maybe if things are too cut and dry, quite a few more than would like to admit would find themselve on the wrong side of fandom. So, I guess we should cut the masses a little slack when they allow themselves to be caught up in the hype that we insiders have been guarding for decades. But it’s fair game when someone starts talking about how cool “Rarshack” is. In the meantime I just picked up Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. Maybe it’s not to late?


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I’d say Watchmen will be like the Spawn movie — it will destroy everything that was good about the original. So I’ve heard.

I’ve read the Silmarilian, but not the Return of the King . . . what does that mean? Actually, my mom read it to me, but i never reread it.

Comment by Jamie Lux

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