Congressional Twits
4 March, 2009, 9:53 pm
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I was impressed that President Obama uses a Crackberry and found a way to incorporate the device into his role as chief executive. Personally I hate the things and have never desired to be in casual contact with every person in my life all the time. But if anyone should have such a connection, it should be a 21st century President of the United States. As long as records are kept, as per the Presidential Records Act (PRA) of 1978, it’s good to know our man is on the job.
However we should all be embarrassed of the congressional twitter-fest that apparently took place during the president’s recent address to the joint houses of congress. It’s sub moronic on a few levels. First, obviously, if our elected representatives are essentially text messaging during a major address, they are not paying attention to what is being said. If I can’t text while driving or even in a meeting, high officials can’t do it in a major event during a national crisis.

But secondly, they twittered really idiotic stuff, for example:

Rep Joe Barton (R-TX) “Aggie basketball game is about to start on espn 2 for those of you that aren’t going to bother watching Pelosi smirk for the next hour”
This is a public forum remember, isn’t it possible that one of these might come back to haunt them. I’m all for our government being connected to the people, but with great power comes great responsibility. Has twitter jumped the shark yet?


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